Ropey behaviour today

Posted on February 18, 2014

Today has been spent mainly being robbed. I opted to take some photographs for the website, investing in gingerbread men and bagels to create some hopefully striking shots to head the pages.

Bagels and men invested in, I headed home with tangible excitement. Realised as I unloaded, I needed rope. Rope, yes. The idea was to loop said rope through bought bagels and create a smiley, contented face.

Rope though is something one doesn’t often store at home.

Chatham Maritime Docks flashed through my mind – my children, two years ago, had been there with us to the ropery and acquired foul smelling samples whilst aiding some ropey teacher.

I found it immediately.

Trussing up the bagels, I began to create a facial expression on the floor, scattering toxic gluten as I did so. Must remember not to lick that part of the living room – ironically titled if I did.

Hands aflutter with excitement, I shot the bagel face, with “You’ve got the cutest little bagel face” bizarrely infiltrating my psyche. Too much “noise” I think photographers call it, so I reshot using the tripod and then retreated upstairs to shoot them against the original, not faux, floorboards.

Battery died.


2 hours later, against all my wishes, I tapped in my PayPal password and paid some photo giant of the internet for a better bagel shot.

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