So welcome to Gluten Free Self

It promises deep reflective musings on life, ramblings about food and holidays, instant verdicts on gadgets - to suit our 10 second modern attention spans, but hopefully, ultimately a few laughs - or at the very least wry smiles or perturbed frowns - along the way.

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About this website.

I decided to set up this website as I love writing, networking and sharing random thoughts to a finite number of friends on social networks - I say finite as many have now un-friended or blocked me. I'm hoping that this tiny acorn (cliché alert) will blossom into a mighty elm (mixed metaphor time) with fellow gluten free humans and coeliac dogs (I was once told there was such a thing in the north of England, well Scunthorpe to be exact) and non-coeliacs (normal people) following this website. Visit the blog

Reckless abandon.

Yolo as kids said in 2012 (and I still do in 2014). You Only Live Once if you're already perturbed - a catchphrase for reckless abandon, as in "I've just eaten a full packet of Extra Strong Mints, now I'm drinking water yolo." You get the idea? A nonchalant, don't care attitude, as I could be dead tomorrow.  "Wearing my Crocs in snow, yolo" muttered by a more senior reader. I have quite an interesting back story too, well I think it is. It wouldn't get votes on X Factor, but then I can't sing.  So follow me, glutenfreeself, on all the usual outlets - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and if you're watchful and observant, you may even spot the name or logo (not decided yet - told you it was an acorn) on my vehicle. More of that later. About Me

I am a man with a plan.

Yes I've watched the Apprentice religiously; albeit as a practising atheist. Let's see if this niche website and social network enterprise can deliver the business plan (really some scribblings in a battered notebook).  And if I get bored or you do, we'll go and do something real - like putting out our bins on the right day or sweeping our paths, pondering when we'll read beyond Chapter1 of "Wolf Hall", or, even, working for a living? Time will tell (also a great healer, I heard once). Have a poke around the website and share or feedback.  I have high hopes (another alliteration, to end.) Now, please visit the blog

  • A funny, warm and informative resource for any coeliacs.- Jim Adams