Right, how to choose – cocaine or buy gluten free?

Posted on April 11, 2016

Another fiscal rant from glutenfreeself. It seems to be de rigeur at the moment to be looking at one’s own finances when the nation’s leader is under similar scrutiny.

Let me begin with an assertion.

I’ve never tried cocaine or any other drugs except alcohol and prescribed ones, as well as caffeine, so I really have no idea what cannabis, coke or heroin costs.

I know the price of gin and the price of prescriptions for my cocktail of legal pills, but Class A – Z drugs leave me clueless, cocaine included.

Tonight, I ventured out into supermarket world for gluten free bread.

The wide availability of said bread pleases me, but its uniformly high cost irritates.

I walked into Tesco’s – ouch – and saw Brewdog beers being promoted on a buy four offer – except of course the two gluten free Brewdog ales remained stubbornly fixed at £1.99 for 330ml no matter how many I bought.

Bread – Udi’s I chose – £2.00 for 4 rolls, having just walked past normal bread at 50p for 4.

That means I’m paying 4 times as much to stop myself becoming ill.

Now bread is one staple, as is beer, but what about the other things we like to eat gluten free?

Breadsticks – £2.50 a pack, 10 bourbon biscuits yours for just £1.40, flour £1.70 a bag.

Each of these is roughly triple its gluten counterparts.

As food inflation has fallen recently, gluten free costs seem to be maintaining or indeed increasing its mark up.

I can appreciate that Newburn, an arm of Warburton’s, has had to invest in a separate gluten free factory commendably to eliminate production line cross contamination – they don’t need the Walkers Crisps “Get Out of Jail” free card with the factory handling warning. They’ve invested and are not making an half-arsed attempt at gluten free.

But the others?

Does a bottle of beer, deglutenised of barley, really cost twice the amount to produce or are we as trapped consumers playing into their hands?

I’d love it (to quote Kevin Keegan) if a gluten free manufacturer read this blog and provided me and my readers with answers – wouldn’t you?

Do not hold your coeliac breaths.


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  • Brenda Laurence
    April 12, 2016 (12:59 pm)

    We have to pay or starve.The prices are much higher in Jersey .We do get vouchers which
    we are grateful for and they help The price of G F food keeps going up. The vouchers have not .We
    often run out of vouchersbefoer the month is up

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