Mini breakdown

Posted on November 19, 2014

The car, not me.

Sod’s law, the wife’s Mini has been taking about 5 to 10 pushes of the starter button to fire into life, but today, when booked into Coopers Mini in Norwich, it came to life immediately.

Unusual service from Mini in that they didn’t have a courtesy car for me so ordered a taxi to take me and another Mini customer into the city.

Unfortunately, I was in the city yesterday so familiarity was beginning to breed contempt. It’s a bit boring without two kids and wife to distract you so I did the usual – some prayers with the hipster staff in the Apple Chapel, then a mooch to John Lewis to bore them.

Now well after lunch and no phone call from Mini so I wandered into GBK, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, for the first time in my life.

I asked for a gluten free menu expecting the token olives and salad offerings but was agog at the menu – two sides of choices including Celia lager. Promising indeed.

I must confess, like a pig in a sweet shop, I filled my boots.

A blue cheese burger, skinny fries and side salad ordered with a bottle of water to mark me out as middle class, I wanted lager but I don’t do drink driving. You can spill it on yourself under severe braking or cornering.

The meal was outstanding in Ofsted terms – and not because it was a former Burger King who’d gone to academy status. The burger bun was soft and fresh, the melted blue cheese, red onion and burger were exceptional and the fries were Morgan Spurlock sized. The side salad was fresh though the dressing hurt my lingering cold sore.

This was my first visit but won’t be my last. No gluten gurgles, no rumbles in the jungle, just a warm feeling of being fed well in a very allergy aware eatery.

Bravo, GBK.



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  • Tricia
    November 19, 2014 (1:37 pm)

    Hurrah, another ‘Eatery’ to add to our gf family repertoire 🙂

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