A busy day

Posted on February 18, 2014

Been busy today trying to promote the site on various social networks, with some limited success.  The biggest challenge was actually appending icons with links to an email signature. Gmail make it straightforward but the walled garden of Apple – surprise, surprise- is a tougher proposition.  Managed a mixture on my two glutenfreeself email accounts.  I crave uniformity though.

No doubt tonight, I’ll lie awake: fretting, ruminating; I’m like that.

Sad you may call it. I prefer “precise attention to detail.” I’ll put that on my CV and not exemplify the fretting about icons bit if I’m to enter the “real world” again.

I’ve had a bit of a dull day – in terms of eating -I just don’t fancy anything.

Had usual muesli for breakfast and a BLT for lunch, but have felt void of ideas for dinner. The mrs (who’s actually the only one on an unrestricted diet) has gone out hunting and gathering, whilst I muse on my Macbook with a cracked screen. I don’t think my mugshot caused it. I’m no oil painting but I’m reasonable for a man with a back story like me.

I’ve become quite obsessed (unsurprisingly) with this blogging and website venture – I’m finding for the first time since university I’m being organized and creative. I’m quite fired up. My job hasn’t done that for years  – more of that later. Could become a meme – perhaps too long – I’m searching for the next Harlem Shake or planking big idea.

Teenage son walks in, shakes his head with bemusement at my writing.  “Unswag” to write in 2014, I guess.

I’ve even regressed to being between 5 and 11 by going and buying stationery for the living room dining table – several notebooks, a pencil case with lots of quirky pens and pencils to inspire me through my future, anticipated writer’s block.  I’m not bereft of ideas just yet though.  Shame  – I hear you sigh.

The wife is back and it appears an executive decision has been made to have a fusion of Italian and Spanish – gluten free penne with chorizo and the like.  I’m hoping she’ll cook it whilst I work on the icons.

After all, it will mean I will sleep soundly next to her if I manage this exciting task.

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