Yo try our sushi

Posted on February 20, 2015

Hello, long time no blog, so here goes, if you’re interested.

First things first, let me make a bold assertion: I’m cured now, I believe from the past – I’ve moved on, mentally and physically; the scab (metaphorical) has healed, praise the Lord.

I am now focused on my new venture, my new career  – unencumbered by the chronology of the past – still got verbal diarrhoea mind – a habit from 37 years of actual diarrhoea as an undiagnosed coeliac.

Anyway tonight in this new spirit of freedom, I indulged a whim of emulating Yo! Sushi.

We used to go there often and delight in stacking bowls up and marvelling that feeling half full only costs £70.

I made the children and wife queue just outside the front door, whilst I put the finishing touches to the conveyor belt, the Miso soup vending machine and the ever so amusing call the waiter bells and lights. Disaster struck when I tried to pipe water to the table – creating a mini flood, but this mopped up, I focused on overpricing dishes.

Edamame beans – call them £2.00 (cost 50p from Lidl).

Green tea – refill as often as you like – cos no one will – for £2.00.

And then send rice wrapped in salmon or seaweed daintily around the house on my Heath Robinson conveyor belt at £3.50 a pop.

The punters loved it and when the 25 plates stacked up and they handed over £75 for a meal that was sourced for £15, I laughed covertly – who needs teaching, when there’s money to be had from fools?

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