Unexpected gingerbread men in checkout area

Posted on February 18, 2014

Stayed up late last night, incurring the wrath of the wife this morning, in my elusive search for suitable website images – shocked at the cost. Settled on 8 photos for £160 at 1 am but decided to sleep on it before committing to buy.

Good job really – the big idea for a mainframe web image and logo involves gingerbread men in a row, with one leaning out smiling. Mixes well with glutenfreeself – nagged though by a doubt that gingerbread men are, well, seasonal – like Crocs. And I also can’t suppress the cross-contamination doubts: would a gluten free gingerbread man mingle so closely with non-gluten gingerbread men and would a true coeliac risk eating the smiling free-from one? I wouldn’t – neither would my daughter.

Having said that, the daughter was served gluten free toast from a glutened toaster inadvertently at nursery, and, to our disbelief, had no ill effects. Whereas I have one Malteser substituted as topping on a gluten free dessert and am close to dying on the toilet for 4 hours.

Anyway, the big idea; gingerbread men in a line. A rare sight I think. Never seen them queuing in Starbucks or the Tesco self-service checkout – “Unexpected gingerbread men in checkout area – please remove.” But would it work in a virtual world?

The plan is to buy 10 glutened gingerbread men and decorate just one, visit the beach near where we live in Norfolk and spend hours attempting to get them to stand to attention in typhoon-like conditions with one leaning out assertively to represent me and my venture. Wish me luck.

Photos and blog to follow.

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