Posted on May 12, 2014

I posted on my personal Facebook page today how gratifying it is to see some local activism with UKIP billboards being defaced and torn down locally.

When will people wake up to the fact that Farage and others are a dangerously bigoted and racist organisation?

To be fair, I think most people do realise it and won’t countenance voting for them.

Where we live now is very multicultural and tolerant, and I do believe that multiculturalism generally engenders tolerance – my wife’s school has students speaking 22 languages and she has been learning Lithuanian to converse with students. Reading about Boston, Lincolnshire, in yesterday’s newspapers was also life affirming – indigenous locals praising the positive economic impact of mainly east European migrants – run down areas of Boston have been rejuvenated by new residents and businesses.

In France last year, Serge who partnered my wife at Boules, remarked positively that in Bordeaux, where he was from, English people were common – whole enclaves of towns and villages with English incomers. Did he see it as a threat? No. It improved his English and he liked the people.

Now, this is not about coeliacs, this is not about gluten free, this is about self, yourself.

I don’t how many of my readers are familiar with “To Kill A Mockingbird” – just remember Scout’s famously quoted realisation after her life experiences with Tom Robinson and Boo Radley, “there’s only kind of people: people.”

Remember that when you see that ballot slip, “one kind of people: people.”


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