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I'm aiming for a different mindset - there is a vital date set of 30th June, which has been plaguing me since Thursday, but now Ive gone all YOLOish. Yesterday, as Supergrass sing, I felt "alright", at one with myself, like I'd got God, if there was such a phenomenon. Today, I carried on with the same laissez-faire attitude. Took the daughter to school - she ...

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He tries his best, bless, as they say round here. I hate to get up with another nag; he calls me his sat nag, I understand what he's going through. I've spent 18 months listening patiently to him. My own circumstances are more trying, but my stoic femininity keeps me going. I asked him over breakfast to wash my cardigans as I've none for work. Before February 2013, ...

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Worst jobs in the world

I was driving along Yarmouth seafront today, with the place in a real state of readiness, for the start of the season. The attractions that were battered by the tidal surges are still under repair as are some of the buildings sitting next to the Marina Centre. Marine Parade itself is having cobbles at sleeping policemen adjusted and it had two men working those Stop ...

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The Great British Takeaway

I've had several emails about my last two blogs saying I'm being Self-ish and not GlutenFree-ish enough. So to redress the balance, I thought I'd write a blog about fish and chips, a British institution.  I'd not eaten this takeaway dish for some seven years, since coeliac disease diagnosis, but since moving to the far east (of England), I've unearthed a provincial ...

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