How to spot a common grey seal iac.

Posted on April 7, 2016

Where we live now, Norfolk, and where we used to live, Lincolnshire, we often go (or went) on annual late winter / early spring walks to Horsey or Donna Nook.

Quite a popular pursuit with others too watching seals and their pups.

Possibly, in years to come, if 2015, is anything to go by, we can all add whale spotting to our itineraries.

The whales washed up in Europe have had autopsies that revealed cause of death to be ingestion of plastic. Perhaps one of the only good things to come from this government is the 5p bag levy to reduce environmental damage and pollution.

Obviously plastic, in huge quantities, kills marine life.

I wonder though, going off at a tangent, whether animals can have food allergies.

I partly know the answer.


I recall much hilarity in Scunthorpe when a pupil’s dog, Ben’s I think, was diagnosed with coeliac disease the same time as me – 2002.

But do cats have allergies?

We’re not pet owners, so it’s not rhetorical, it’s a genuine question.

I’d imagine being a coeliac dog would be worse than a human having the condition.

They can’t read labels, I’ve yet to see a Free From section in a pet food aisle. When they’re out with other dogs, how do they remind them, like we all do, not to cross contaminate, to wash their paws after chewing that biscuit.

Would said coeliac dog suffer from social isolation by refusing to eat dog excrement, in case of gluten, or lick another dog’s bottom, for fear of traces.

I suppose, thinking logically, all animals could suffer from food allergies. Their internal organs and digestive systems are often similar to humans, so there must be cases.

1 in 100 in the UK have coeliac disease, about 600,000 people, yet only 1 in 1000 are diagnosed with it and follow a gf diet.

There are 9 million dogs and just under 8 million cats in the UK.

So if the human figures were mirrored, that’s a hell of lot of coeliac cats and dogs.

The next time your cat, dog, mouse, hamster shows signs of a food allergy, get them checked out. It’s no fun as a human coeliac, and I’d safely guess an animal’s life would be even worse.


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