Something is rotten in the state of Denmark?

Posted on April 10, 2016

Just flexing my literary muscles with a Shakespearean allusion, to “Hamlet”, spoken by Marcellus no less, not the titular protagonist.

I think there’s something rotten in the state of the UK currently.

Totally rotten.

Totally wrong.

You see I was a bit aghast last week to order a repeat prescription of Juvela gluten free bread to be told that gluten free food is no longer available on prescription, for me, my daughter or the other 261 coeliacs living in east Norfolk.

Big wow, you may think.

But it stinks.

“We’re all in it together” is the government mantra – their inverse “Every Little Helps” soundbite, except as we all know and have known all along since the famous Thatcher declaration that “There is no such thing as society” that this government is rotten to the core.

We have a Prime Minister, preaching austerity, along with his Chancellor, whilst conveniently overlooking his offshore tax benefits and his wife’s £53,000 clothing allowance.

Just let that sink in.

£53,000 for clothes.

Yet the disabled were threatened with a £30 weekly cut in benefits and coeliacs, like me and my young daughter, are not allowed the luxury of £24 per month in prescribed gluten free rolls, with a medically diagnosed auto-immune disease.


Yes, we’re all in it together – now pass me that £3 holey Genius sliced loaf which I’ll attempt to make sandwiches from for tomorrow.



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