Retirement! Escape! C’est fin!

Posted on December 18, 2015

Today, I’ve left teaching for good.

Yes, not a false dawn, an empty threat.

No one will tempt me back. It’s finished. Over. Dead to me.

After Christmas, glutenfreeself is retired from the classroom, perhaps a bit prematurely at 50, but it’s time to wave my bat and walk back to the pavilion.

It’s been a cruel two years since I fell off the saddle in November 2013. I’ve climbed back on but been ejected here in Salem County. Bitter? Yes, like a pint of bitter it’s made me ill, again.

Won’t allow it a third time though.


I won’t.

The gluten coursing through this county will be avoided. They won’t make me this way again.

It’s over this time and for good.

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