Not glutened

Posted on August 1, 2015

After Twyfordsgate – or the glutening of our daughter in Twyfords, Beccles – we’ve had faith restored by gluten free menus in two eateries: the chain Ed’s Easy Diner and Merrivale, an independent tea room in Great Yarmouth.

First, why all the eating out? I’ve spent 6 weeks marking GCSE exams and a temporary income secured, with money slowly trickling in. Like someone who has fasted for 19 months (i.e. no income) we’ve gone a bit mad on consumerist feasting.

Right back to Ed’s.

Went yesterday. Separate gluten free menus with clued up waiting staff – “Obviously we’ll omit onion rings as they’re not available gluten free” was an opening dialogue. Refreshing.

Now if you’re coeliac, you’ll recognise the minefield of eating out – that first question when food arrives, “It is gluten free isn’t it?” repeated like a dietary mnemonic.

Even after 13 years of eating gluten free, I still ask.

Because gluten makes us incredibly ill – me and the daughter vomit, have stomach cramps and lose control of our bowels – not fun when you’re in a mall or Suffolk market town or wherever. You see we don’t ever gluten ourselves at home – eating out is always the problem.

Ed’s though, as per usual, did us proud – no gurgles or flatulence, diarrhoea or vomit.

And today, measuring meals in exam payments, like some GCSE bitcoin payment, we ventured to our local town, the much maligned, unfairly maligned, seaside town of Great Yarmouth. Ok it’s no Southwold or Aldeburgh in terms of economic prosperity, but it’s lovely, perfectly real, safe and inviting.

Merrivale Tea Rooms, gluten free sandwiched between the Sea Life Centre and Pleasure Beach, is as safe as eating at home.

Spoke to Chris, the amenable owner, and mentioned the glutening last week and he again reassured us, without us seeking reassurance, that he stores, prepares and cooks food separately to avoid cross contamination. I had a Stilton and ham ploughman’s with extra bread requested with no issues and our 9 year old daughter had bacon on gf bread. Wife and son had Cromer Crab salad and pasta – and with cakes and drinks it cost £30 less than Twyfords.

Best part though? Our food didn’t end up in the toilet as diarrhoea or vomit – okay hardly Trip Advisor comprehensive reviews but for us, Ed’s and Merrivale are 5 star.

Others please take note.

As a former employer once memorably said “Repetition builds reputation.”

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  • Helen Smyth
    August 2, 2015 (6:57 am)

    Helpful blog post thank you! You might like my gluten free blog too

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