Norwich – the gluten free equivalent of Ludlow?

Posted on January 2, 2016

So news breaks today that the owners of the Gluten Free shop in Norwich have branched out on Timberhill and opened a gluten free cafe.

In our 7 years here, Norwich seems to have become the coeliac equivalent of Shropshire’s Ludlow. So let’s have a meal journey round the city.

The usual suspects – Costa, Starbucks, Sainsburys, Morrisons, M and S, Asda, Waitrose all stock gluten free sandwiches in and around Norwich.

Yo Sushi – very good in Norwich as they’ll adapt recipes using gf soy sauce and have a good allergy folder.

Ed’s Easy Diner – Chapelfield – wonderful with no cross contamination.

Orford Plaice – gluten free fish and chips served all day everyday and wonderful too – ate lunch there today.

Pizza Hut – have square gf bases.

Pizza Express – an extensive and safe menu for coeliacs.

Wild Thyme – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free paradise.

Namaste – vegetarian gluten free curries.

TGI Friday’s – Riverside – great menu and service.

Wagamama’s – some gluten free.

Carluccio’s in Chapelfield – fantastic.

Nando’s – not keen but do gf.

So as you can see, Norwich is a fine city for coeliacs – if I’ve omitted any, drop me a message please.

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