Posted on July 15, 2014

Not the dance or that poem from the collection of AQA GCSE poems, but a metaphorical place in my current state. I’m free, but like an unlocked iPhone say, not quite. I’ve crawled through some undergrowth but a walled garden still constrains me.

I’m happy with my lot though – at the moment – for a change.

The shackles of public sector life are loosening, and I feel deeply optimistic about the changes that lie ahead.

In fact, freeing myself from a toxic workplace is like going gluten free in 2002: hugely life changing and life affirming. I’m determined not to look back at what could have been, that’s gone thankfully. I’m looking forward enormously to training, shadowing and learning new skills in a new career.

Met a colleague tonight on the school run – one of the good eggs – and when I shared plans with him, he said “I’m chuffed for you.”

Yes I’ve lost 13 weeks’ holidays and a comfortable pension, but what I’ve gained is immeasurable.

Bit like finding the last gluten free roll in Starbucks, it feels very good.

Just need to learn how to tax dodge, too, like them, now I’m aiming to be self employed.

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