Posted on August 3, 2014

Friday 1st August – man bag packed with banana, Evian and diary I set off at the crack of dawn to the office worried about congestion on my 0.8 mile commute. I was tingling with excitement at the thought of a life without bells and water in one of those giant office water butts free for me, with breaks any time I wanted. I got up with the cock crowing as some yoot in Gorleston was trying to nick its eggs – or so I reckoned. The alarm clock read 8.23 am, the earliest I’d been up since yesterday.

I forced Earl Grey tea and muesli – gf of course – down my gullet and arrived at 8.43 before the office opened, parking my up! on a sixpence, metaphorically. It feels a bit like leaving China – a Norfolk school, with its filtered restrictions on images and web access – to a brave new world of marketing via social media and unlimited access to Google. Freedom indeed.

I poured myself a glass of water – because I can, and went through my training manual, working my way through useful tasks. I posted an update on Facebook cos I could in this world of trust and printed out some letters remotely without worry. What is this world called private sector?

Drove home for lunch – 2 minutes away – and spent the afternoon door dropping, resisting the temptation to wear Crocs to maintain my professional image and arrived home at 5.00 logging statistics and marvelling how well I felt after 8 months of inactivity and stress.

Saturday – chose to go to work at 9. I must still be ill. And again enjoyed the untethered freedom of the World Wide Web and water. No 38 page user agreement here to sign saying I couldn’t use my name, devices within the workplace or other Stalinist measures, just that T word again – trust. Alf, drop me an email and I’ll explain that concept to you. Had tea today and was allowed to drink it at leisure, not within a 10 minute window. I’m trusted too with a kettle and milk and tea bags. And I can use my own mug with my name on and not a nom de plume, in case my identity is stolen. Ironic.

DDed all afternoon with my daughter, marvelling at gates and weeds on paths.

Sunday – today – OMG – had agreed to go to a car boot to expose myself and the brand – legally of course. Amazingly, people came over to talk and took brochures – amidst the DVDs, books, plants and clothes, there was tangible interest in our stall. I enjoyed Croc watching, aghast at the number of fakes. If you’re going to wear them, invest wisely in the real McCoy. Felt remarkably good being out and about at 6.00 am in 18 degree warm sunshine. I’m still chasing leads – but it’s only day three and you know what? It’s going to happen. Not tomorrow, or even next week, but soon. And if it doesn’t I can always return to Beijing and teach English in the work equivalent of Animal Farm set in Tianeman Square.

I won’t though. My future path is set in stone in my new career.

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