I am sick of sloppy service …

Posted on April 6, 2016

Went away this week to the retail Mecca of Milton Keynes.


Or unsound?

The place saddened me though.

First night, birthday, we went to Pizza Express, for the much feted gluten free dough balls.


Though the waitress carried them out with the gluten dough balls. Fingers touching.

Pizza Express you’re savvy enough to use gluten free flour to avoid air-bound particles of cross-contamination, yet you allow your staff to cart starters across a restaurant floor with thumbs miraculously cross-contaminating.

Suitably reminded, main courses arrived via the manager.

Son’s vegetarian pizza draped over a plate, dripping with gluten, carried askance with the two gluten free pizzas. Time bombs?

After the care of TGIs, Ed’s Easy Diner, I was beginning to despair.

Cue rant.

Here goes.

Me and my daughter are allergic to gluten.


Not intolerant.

Nor a fad.


You see, I was diagnosed 14 years ago and have avoided it since.


I excrete and vomit when I have traces.

Daughter does too – though her recovery is quicker.

My 51 year old body takes longer. I’m a vintage car, used to four star, dosed with unleaded, dosed with diesel. I sputter, stall and collapse.

So here’s my rationale.

Pizza Express in MK, restaurants who are blasé elsewhere, including IKEA, you may be Coeliac UK approved, you may enjoy self congratulatory esteem based on promoted separate menus in doorways, but train your staff.

I have an allergy.

Not an intolerance.

Not a Paleo fad.

I appreciate your provision of dough balls, gluten free dough balls, beers, pizzas and desserts.

I really do.

But please don’t spoil this with sloppy delivery and embarrassing admonishment of your staff, who really should know better.

And if they don’t – it is your fault.

Your kitchen separation is admirable – but your delivery – this weekend at least – was deathly.



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  • Brenda Laurence
    April 7, 2016 (10:30 am)

    Very interesting E mail .I WILL TAKE MORE NOTICE FROM NOW ON . I was diagnosed coeliac 21 years ago .An allergy to wheat barley rye oats .When I eat out I do not have sauces or gravy as I have been told there is no gluten when there obviously has been .
    , not making it to the loo is degrading and upsetting .People who do not eat gluten by choice make it worse as restaurants andpeople who serve food think we are not serious and its just a whim

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