Posted on September 17, 2015

Stephen Fry, famously perhaps, called Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, “arse gravy.”

I’ll fess straight away – I’ve never read that tome but I do know arse gravy when I feel it as a coeliac.

Sunday I ended up with arse gravy after a supposed gluten free carvery: at lunch, we braved the rain to tour a few heritage sites on heritage weekend in Great Yarmouth (awash with history, deprivation and chips) and lunched at Merrivale Tea Rooms no problems.

At 4.10 we realised Mother Hubbard was skulking in the kitchen so we decided to eat out.


Bad move.

I did a google search of local chains and was drawn to Marston’s new eatery in a beautiful spot overlooking Tesco, B and Q and the A12 in Yarmouth, the Grayling. The carver on the carvery was delighted to announce I could have everything except the obese Yorkshire puddings and cauliflower cheese (why?) and even could fill my boots with gravy – meat gravy not arse gravy.

Guess what?

You don’t even need the punchline do you?

I’ve now propped the Da Vinci Code next to the Andrex in the bathroom to remind me not to bother again.

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