A fulfilling week

Posted on May 17, 2014

This week, I’ve been a bit remiss maintaining writing – I’ve been busy. For a change.

On Thursday, went to Horsey beach, with a retired friend – I feel virtuous getting her out of the house and helping old people. I was expecting a seal colony on the beach, but alas, they’d gone. Wonder where? It’s an odd beach. Totally deserted with a derelict Martello tower, whose view is obscured by the rolling dunes. Bit pointless building it. The dunes were very duny, redolent of The Famous Five, which we talked about at length, sleeping on heather in October, rowing to Kirren Island. Thank god for the risk assessment culture we live in.

Stopped for a coffee at the Nelson’s Head, which was pleasant enough.

At the car, given the brevity of the walk, I went all sat navvish, with Happisburgh catching my eye – pronounced Hazeborough of course as is the Norfolk custom.

From Blyton, we leaped to Woolf, when we saw the candy striped beacon, both saying “To the Lighthouse.” Beautiful building and village, the lighthouse has frequent guided tours – one ¬†every two years.

Happisburgh beach itself was lovely, but the cliffs were eroding badly, like Hemsby.

We finished our Grand Tour at Great Yarmouth, where I sampled the gluten free veggie houmous wrap at Starbucks – again very pleasant ¬†but a man of my build needs two. I couldn’t afford two – so, unwillingly, chose market chips, deep fried in beef dripping to scupper my faux vegetarian leanings. The chips were the highlight of the day – bootiful indeed.

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