Posted on July 30, 2014

Spent the day leafleting neighbours, friends and acquaintances ¬†from my infinity list in an attempt to get #leads. No I’m not after dogs to walk – not keen on them, even though I have one canine as a Facebook friend and another following me on Twitter.

It’s an interesting switch moving from public to private sector and I’m really enjoying it.

Today, I got up with excitement – yes, really – with anticipation of the day ahead. I can’t say teaching – apart from training days – ever thrilled me at 7.00 am. I think it’s working with a great leader in a supportive team in a lovely environment that makes it enjoyable.

I feel a bit like an elderly Apprentice candidate – although I must stress I’m not full of BS and am very competent – unlike most candidates on that show. I’ve not been fired yet but need to get a listing.

When I do, you’ll hear the cheer from wherever you are in the world – sorry couldn’t resist some BS.

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