Day 43

Posted on November 12, 2015

In a fit of wellbeing, I opted to stay Sober for October and with smug satisfaction, extended the teetotalism to November or Movember. It’s been quite a challenge, mainly because I attended the gluten free expo at the Forum in Norwich and several stands were allowing gluten free beer tasting.


Every cloud though.

Being sober for 43 days and counting has made the bathroom scales smile not scowl at me, and I have enjoyed seeing my feet reappear under my diminishing paunch in the shower or when urinating. I’ve lost 10 pounds and saved about 100 pounds in subbing wine and cider for water (bottled water mind – the stuff from taps in Norfolk is quite unpalatable, like the county itself).

Other pleasing side effects of sobriety are evident too: better sleep patterns, better mental health and a better diet – the cheese board seems to have been consigned to the kitchen equivalent of the wheelie bin – the junk drawer, along with a fondue set, and various accoutrements that wouldn’t look out of place on The Generation Game conveyor belt.

My memory has improved greatly too.

I remember where I’ve put things and I seem to be sharper, like a knife that’s been laid in liquid too long to corrode and fester, released and sharpened.

Now the question I ask myself is: Shall I continue with this in December?

Last year, I spent 19 days in bed over Christmas suffering from some sort of norovirus – and shed two stone in weight. Missed the children opening presents though and all the Christmas meals and the Baileys, gin, rum, cider, sherry, port etc.

We shall see.

October and November is 61 days long, and maybe that should be regarded as a Peter Barlow type achievement? Or do I go the whole hog until the scales scream happy emojis at me as my weight dips under 15 stone?

We shall see.


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