Posted on November 15, 2015

I’m beginning to wonder about coffee.

I’ve always avoided instant coffee since diagnosis of coeliac disease as I’ve read about hidden gluten somewhere in the depths of Google, but even freshly ground coffee – whether made at home or from Starbucks, Costa or independents – is beginning to have gluten like effects.

And before anyone suggests it’s the chocolate sprinkles – no I don’t have this on cappuccinos, ever.

But something is amiss in the coffee world.

I’ve read (again, in the fathoms of Google) that coffee has proteins that have similar effects to gluten in attacking the intestine. It can’t be a coincidence that after every coffee I feel a toilet dash necessary. Wondered too if it was lactose but even soya and lactofree milk seems to affect me.

Okay first world problems you mutter but I wonder.

This week, as well as being teetotal still, I’m going to attempt (perhaps) to cut out coffee. I parenthise perhaps because my body clock screams coffee at 10.00 until 11.00 each morning and again in mid afternoon.

How do I muffle these screams for caffeine kicks?

Red Bull, full fat, cavity inducing Coca Cola?

Or do I go cold turkey and risk a week of migraines until the caffeine urges dissipate? I honestly don’t know.

Whilst I’m on the topic of allergens, I’ve noticed that the Free From sections of the past few supermarket visits, are populated not by common or grey coeliacs, marooned staring at prices, but diabetics. Is this a new trend? Or am I missing something? Why are diabetics hoovering up gluten free products? I’m not being facetious either; I’m genuinely curious.

Answers please to or Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall.

I am curious.



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