Posted on August 25, 2014

Made an impromptu decision to have a night in Cambridge, just 84 miles from home, ie inaccessible.

We came here before about 4 years ago in February and were staggered by its cold climate. Living on the coast, frost and snow is rare and Cambridge was perishing. Didn’t linger in our memories much tbh.

On an August bank holiday weekend though, I can see why people rave about it. Beautiful buildings, cosmopolitan multicultural people and great shopping.

To us, as northern exiles, it has a paradoxical feel – almost northern in character, like Leeds perhaps, but like London in terms of traffic fumes. Pleasant city.

Cambridgeshire was described by Tom Dyckhoff, I think, as having “pudding skies” and today we can see why. Heavy Bank Holiday Monday rain spoiling intentions to wander the Botanical Gardens, opting instead to go to the Fitzwilliam museum.

Stayed in a new Travelodge off Newmarket Road, which was great.

I watched, aghast, at the hot buffet breakfast counter, at the repeated cross contamination. Bean spoon touching toasted bread along with the bacon, egg, and everything else. Stuck to my own muesli, bread rolls and asked for fresh bacon and eggs to be brought out separately – the Travelodge clientele all mouthed “Weirdo” to each other.

Last night, we walked to a nearby Pizza Hut to sate son, who loves it. Did have a gluten burble after the meal but daughter didn’t suffer badly, as she often does there, so maybe they’ve upped their game?

Despite the weather, I don’t feel Monday Blues. May have dinner at Yo! Sushi and regale in the fact that each dish of Edamame beans costs just £2.50, along with the rest of the faux Japanese cuisine, on Blue Mondays.

And tomorrow, it’s work, whereas in normal years I would have a week’s holiday left.

Happy Monday indeed.

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