Brittany Spears Us?

Posted on August 2, 2015

Going to France next week – on Wednesday, when it’s open (don’t get me started on Le Dimanche in France). Going to Brittany too – which I can’t help but associate with Ms Spears. My mind is strange I know.

We’ve opted for a mammoth road trek from Calais to Pont Aven, with Operation Stack becoming my latest Google OCD search obsession. I quite like the idea of being camped on the M20 watching lorry drivers seethe over non-access to bacon sandwiches and builder’s tea. Whilst I eat my Juvela sandwiches adorned with organic Parma ham. Ok my mind wanders again …

To avoid lorry angst, we’ve booked a night in Canterbury at a Holiday Inn Express – a place I know from previous experiences is good for coeliacs. I like Canterbury alot – the cathedral is magnificent as is the retail Eden of Bluewater en route.

Today, looking at Canterbury online, led us to a few finds – Oscar and Bentley’s was a stand out, as well as the usual suspects – Carluccio’s and Pizza Express.

We’ll see when we get there what wets our whistle so to speak.

Now on to France – we’re going by ferry, which seemed to us two years ago as depressing as getting on a bus. Probably worse. Kids enjoyed it more than the tunnel though.

We’ve got a £20 food voucher thrown in with the booking which is a bit pointless for two coeliacs and a vegetarian as there’s less choice than a Welsh fish and chip shop (Red Dwarf reference before you shout).

What worries me less is the migrant crisis – David Cameron’s liberal epithet of “swarms” and his provision of dogs and taller fences – should keep the poor displaced humans away. Thanks Dave. And let’s not get the facts get in the way of an anti-European stance shall we?

Politics, sorry. I dislike this government though with its stealth privatisation of health, education and its UKIP lite policies with a passion.

In Calais – if we manage to get through the port, the open road to Caen calls us, then Pont Aven.

Now gluten free in France two years ago was similar to Britain 10 years ago. Small sections of provisions in Carrefour and the like, which are dwarfed by our domestic choice in Asda etc.

But we will manage because there’s cheese and wine, beautiful weather, lovely people and culture to die for. Today, we’ve managed to fit a roofbox to our Mini, not to provide shelter for the distastefully named “migrants” but for the gluten free food, gluten free bedding and gluten free clothes we intend to take.

Brittany (Spears), don’t disappoint us.

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