Are you aware it’s coeliac awareness week?

Posted on May 13, 2014

I posted a FB status earlier about Coeliac Uk ‘s attempt to get supermarkets to pledge to 8 items.

Bit disappointed that one of the eight wasn’t gluten free beer. Ok, not a dietary necessity but a change from reflux inducing ciders.

The list is as expected – three types of bread, pasta, flour – none of which I’ve had trouble getting. Crackers, yes – symptoms of PTSD, and in my experience sourcing pizza bases is as difficult as say finding a Tory MP in South Yorkshire. Ok not that difficult but you get my drift.

Cereal bars are never a problem anywhere – those yoghurt coated Eat Natural bars are ubiquitous – I’ve even seen them in local petrol stations albeit at inflated prices.

So as well-intentioned as Coeliac UK’s campaign is, I think they’ve missed a trick: we want gluten free beer to wash our gluten free pizza bases down with, not a cereal bar and not flour.

Or am I just being a coeliac slob?

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