Posted on August 31, 2014

Normally, I hate Autumn, or the Fall, if you’re a gun carrier.

Darker nights, leaves cluttering gutters and the temperature dropping to 30 degrees – I kid you not: October half term last year in Gorleston, Norfolk, hit those heady heights.

Worst of all though is knowing 39 weeks of work stretch ahead – 4 performances a day, 5 times a week – you do the math.

I’ve just posted on Facebook that I’ve not got the post-summer blues, because for the first time since 1986, the theatre called education is closed permanently for me. Good feeling too.

In a spirit of wellbeing, I did that ice bucket challenge today, and quite enjoyed it, despite my Meldrew gripes last week.

Have loved summer to be honest. I’ve worked since 1st August having been absent since last November.

The counselling sessions I’ve had all indicated work was a great mental healer and it is. I see it as akin to coeliac diagnosis – life affirming and changing. No longer do I sit at home, flicking between Candy Crush and various legal sites thinking about what I’ve been through, whilst filling in a ‘worry diary’. Being with adult company is like discovering a gluten free menu in an unknown place – rewarding and fulfilling.

Tomorrow, as the 400.000 teachers or so, prepare for work, I empathise. It’s a tough old job, and like gluten, destructive. Cut it out of your life and I promise you’ll feel so much better for it.

I’m spending my day tomorrow on a new PPA – Pound Productive Activities and it’s infinitesimally better than Planning Preparation and Assessment. It’s the 1st September – start of Autumn and I’m writing the first chapter of my novel.

Any resemblance to real life characters – as I said before – is purely coincidental.

Watch this space.

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