Posted on September 2, 2014

Grown increasingly fond of Argos in recent years.

I remember vividly the frisson of excitement when one opened in the Arndale in Doncaster. Catalogue browsing, marking the item number on a tiny slip of paper, with a minuscule pen, and taking it to a till, where the order was whisked away to some exploited elves on escalators (nice alliterative phrase?) before Amazon rounded them all up and primed them away to Milton Keynes.

What was great was its immediacy. You paid and the toaster arrived at one of three collection points, helpfully labelled A B C for society’s less able to understand – 80% of the Doncaster populace, I recall.

The payment was in full too, which meant the Littlewoods / Freemans / Gratton women never knocked weekly for 2 years demanding 50p a time.

Marvellous concept.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed a strange change. Argos often matches Amazon, or indeed beats it, on prices. It’s gone all 2009 too, having apps to replace the pallets of catalogues and online reservation and click and collect.

What remains though are the three collection points and its Collection Received stamps dating back to 1979.

You might be ruminating, what the hell has this got to do with glutenfree?


Enjoyed writing it though on the iPad I bought at Christmas and collected from Collection Point B from Argos.

And I didn’t steal a pen.

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