Posted on May 11, 2014

Playing various decades of music on Spotify last night made some things crystal clear: the 70s were a golden age of music and have aged much better than any other musical epoch, us 4 adults agreed.

The Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, Le Chic, Jackson 5 were masters of 70s funk disco.

We never felt the need to reach for the 60s and when delving into the 80s, the soundtrack of my youth, the tunes seemed absurd. ABC, The Human League, Duran Duran have dated so badly, just like their mullets and rolled up jacket sleeves.

The sound, however, of 10CC took me right back to lying on the living room floor on Sunday evenings recording the top 40 from the radio to the Alba mono cassette player.

10cc have aged relatively well, but what stunned me was the Spotify explanation of the origin of their name: 10 cubic centimetres is what the average man ejaculates in sperm.

Wish I’d known that when younger, it’d have put a whole new meaning on going upstairs to play 10CC.

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